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''Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations''

My Story

I grew up in Poland, studied in England. I have travelled across the ocean searching for answers. The road was not easy but I found myself and my voice, rebuilt my self-esteem on the way. Did my experience shaped the person I am today? Yes, absolutely! 

Trauma was a part of my family history, and would inspire my work for years to come. An unsafe environment filled with disruptions to normal routines, the tension of strained relationships, and dishonesty. After leaving family home I was determined to change the course of my life.  From the biological side of things to how we're nurtured, a lot of what goes on in childhood influences how we turn out as adults.

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I began my work as a youth support worker for an organisation for young people aged 13-25, providing one to one support around sexual health and general support for vulnerable young people at risk of homelessness or exploitation. Since then, I have had the privilege of joining another remarkable organization, Kooth, where I continue to work with young people to this day. At Kooth, our shared mission revolves around crafting accessible online mental health services that walk hand in hand with individuals, offering them compassionate and highly effective support.


As I progressed in my journey, I dedicated myself to acquiring professional qualifications while working as a Counsellor-in-Training for the non-profit organization, Simply Counselling. During this transformative period, I honed my expertise in assisting adults facing a diverse array of challenges, including issues as complex as trauma and domestic abuse. Furthermore, I made a commitment to continuous growth, actively engaging in ongoing training to expand my knowledge and refine my skills.

Continuing to forge ahead, I embarked on a new chapter by joining the esteemed team at Psychotherapy Plymouth. Here, I had the opportunity to work with adults navigating a wide spectrum of concerns, broadening my experience and insight into the intricacies of human psychology. Concurrently, I began offering my services to clients in private practice, fostering deeper connections and providing personalized support.

My journey also led me to collaborate with various organizations, such as Problem Shared, Complete Communication, and Plymouth School Counselling. This rich tapestry of experiences has contributed significantly to my professional growth and my ability to offer comprehensive, compassionate guidance to those in need.

To ensure the utmost quality in my work, I diligently participate in monthly counselling supervision sessions, providing an extra layer of care and oversight to my practice. This commitment to ongoing improvement is a testament to my dedication to offering the best possible support to my clients.

In recent years, I have taken significant strides in expanding my qualifications, particularly in the realm of Relationship Counselling. This exciting development has allowed me to extend my expertise to working with couples, enriching my practice and enabling me to assist even more individuals and partnerships on their journey towards greater emotional well-being.



Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling (CPCAB)

Diploma in Mindfulness based Counselling (CPCAB)​

Youth Certification

Counselling for Adolescents

Child Protection Advanced

Impact of Domestic Abuse on Children and Young People  

The Prevent Duty

other  training

Domestic Abuse

Impact of Sexual Violence and Rape on Victims 

Safeguarding Adults

Dyslexia Awareness 

ADHD Awareness


Diploma in Relationship Counselling (CTAA)


Anger, Rage and Relationships Training 

Emotional Affect of Domestic Abuse Certificate

Trauma Informed Approaches

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